Suttu Pidikku Utharavu, a cat n mouse heist film sans songs

by Rinku Gupta

Suttu Pidikka Utharavu directed by Ramprakash Rayappa and produced by Kalpataru Pictures is releasing on June 14th. This is the director's  second film.

The film marks the debut of director Suseendiran as an actor.  Apart from him, director  Mysskin and Vikrant  are also part of the cast. The heroine is Athulya while baby Manasvi plays a speech and hearing impaired child. The child actor won hearts with her cinfident and cute speech. She debuted with Imaikka Nodigal as Nayanthara's daughter.

At the press meet today, speaking about how Suseendhiran came on board, Rayappa said, 'I wanted Suseendhiran to act in my film but was hesitant whether he would accept. But Mysskin assured me he would accept and so with Vikrant's help we approached him. Immediately he accepted. On the same day Mysskin ,Vikrant and Suseendhiran accepted my film, I was ecstatic." He also praised Athulya for being a Tamil-speaking heroine who could do full justice to her role.
There are no songs in the film which is about a heist and a cat and mouse game between the cops and robbers.

 The stunt master Dinesh Kashi is acting in the film as well, in the role of a robber.
Said Suseenthiran, " The stuntmen have done a fantastic job. After this film I realised how   they risk their lives the most in the industry and I
am very grateful to them. I have more combination scenes with Vikrant than others. I think director Rayappa has done a superb job."

Director Mysskin who has acted in the film as a cop welcomed  producer PK Ram Mohan to the industry.  Said he, ' First I refused to act and told Rayappa to narrate the script in 2 minutes. But within 2 minutes he impressed me! Its a very fast- paced film. Vikrant is a hard worker and I'm sure he will achieve big success. Suseendhiran has lots of problems but is always smiling. I felt he had the right energy and was most suited  for this role.'
Athulya plays a slum dweller in the film which has music by Jakes Bejoy.

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