Quick Review : Dear Comrade

By Rinku Gupta
Dear Comrade, directed by newbie Bharat Kamma is produced by Mythri Movie Makers and  stars Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna.

Chaitanya aka Bobby ( Vijay) is an active student leader in college who gets into violent scuffles at the drop of a hat. This habit of his alarms his visiting neighbour Lilli ( Rashmika) when she gets to know him better. But while Bobby falls for her, initially she refuses his love as her passion lies in cricket. But thanks to his convincing ways, she finally reveals that she is attracted to him and the duo get into a relationship ( some great chemistry there, a love innocent, deep and powerful).

However, his violent habits get in the way and when he refuses to give them up and pushes her away, she leaves him, hearbroken. The break - up affects him greatly, but he learns to channel his energies into a new path.

Cut to 3 years later when Bobby returns into her life quite by chance. A tragedy has befallen her and he now takes it upon himself to be her true ' comrade' and get her out of it. She has given up her dream of playing for the national team.  Why ? When Bobbi finds out, he is shaken to the core and vows revenge. Only thing,  Lilli has to take an important step to set things right for herself. What is the dark secret she is hiding that is stopping her from seeking redressal?
Does the unwilling Lilli take up the biggest challenge of her life? Do the lovers get together at all?

Bharat had put together a layered and mature love story in a beautiful way with delightful visuals and good writing. The characters are etched in detail right down to thier flaws.
The way Vijay and Rashmika have lived thier roles is incredible, making them unforgettable screen characters. Vijay is exemplary  and has carried off  every stage of his growth from boy to man in  a moving performance portraying every shade. The various transformation he undergoes, mental, physical and emotional is visible through his body language and expressions, with his eyes doing most of the talking.  From anger to tender love, and everything in- between, he carries off eveything effortlessly. He is especially impressive in the emotional scenes. His sheer energy and grace in the song and dance clips set to music by Justin Prabhakaran are a visual delight. Watch out for the Ladakh portions of the film, for the visual delight as well as for the way an entire out pouring of love has been conveyed via a song. Kudos to Bharat, cameraman Sujith Sarang and Vijay.

Rashmika is a sheer delight to watch and a refreshingly written character, a hugely welcome change from the insipid romantic interests we see in films. She portrays her love,  longing, angst, anxiety and indecision with such natural flair. Watch out specially for the duo's memorable performances in the climax scenes.

The supporting cast gets full marks as does the camera, dubbing, music and art departments. The significance of the title is skilfully woven into the story, which has a powerful message at its core.
Though the film seems too long, at the end of day, it seems worth every minute. Bharat has given every character small or big, his space, in an unhurried manner.  Its the small details he adds that move you even more, without saying a word of dialogue( like the way an old college enemy is invited to Bobbi's bestie's wedding, showing how much the character has matured, letting bygones be bygones).  Be it thier back stories, romance, fights, emotions, setbacks, growth, friends, enemies or family relationships, we want to travel with Bobby and Lilli every step of the way, so convincingly real and appealing have Vijay and Rashmika made them for us. 

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