Quick Review: Gurkha

By Rinku Gupta

Gurkha produced by 4 Monkeys Studio is directed by Sam Anton.
Yogi Babu plays Bahadhur Babu who becomes a security guard in a Chennai mall where he meets Ussain Bolt ( Charlie) , a co - guard. Babu along with his dog friend Undertaker, and Bolt, get involved in a major terror strike in the mall by Thigarajan ( Raj Bharath). A whole bunch of important people are among the hostages. Now, due to circumstances, the whole burden of saving them falls on Babu and Bolt. Does the innocent Babu manage to save the day ?

The comedy is loud and the introduction to the main characters takes a long time. However, the situational comedy and witty one liners though squeezed in between characters talking at full volume, work in parts. Yogi Babu is in full form in a meaty ( and at times emotional ) lead role with even action and a one- sided love angle thrown in, ans he does full justice to it all. References to contemporary socio- political events and digs at celebrities, keep the viewer invested in the proceedings.

The cast includes Ravi Mariya, Anand Raj and Manobala.

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