Quick Review: Unarvu

by Rinku Gupta
 Unarvu, is directed by Subbu and produced by  Shekar Jayaram.
Ramadurai ( Subbu) is an affluent man who wants to help  beggars by giving them a job and promise of a dignified and happy life. He succeeds to a great extent in his dream. During his business deals he comes across unscrupulous politicians and in a twist , decides to do away with one of them, by working on the emotions of one of the grateful beggars he saved, and indirectly inspiring him to kill the unscupulous baddie.
But this plan has an unexpected side effect. What happens next ?

The film seems to highlight  a noble intention but too much screen time is spent on long dialogues amongst the characters, highlighting thier condition,  dilemma and gratitude.

The political and business intrigue comes much later in a twist in the plot but the impact is not as hard hitting. The actors have done a good job, with some well picturised songs thrown in and even a romanric angle. However, the presence of Suman as the CM seems quite under utilised.
The overall tone gets a tad preachy at times, but the main theme of the title is stuck to throughout.

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