Quick Review: Vennila Kadadi Kuzhu 2

By Rinku Gupta
This is a sequel to the original ( which brought Suseendran,Vishnu Vishal, Soori, Appukutty and others to the forefront).

Pasupathy plays a bus driver whose love for kabaddi earns the loathing of his son Saravanan ( Vikranth) when the sport interferes in his livelihood and he is suspended from his job. But as a result, he learns from his mother how his dad sacrificed his love for kabaddi to save his son. Saravanan now decides to revive the Vennia Kabaddi Kuzhu team and bring back the cup and title for his father. Does he succeed?

The canerawork transports you back beautifully into the 80s where the film is set as does the melodious music.
Vikranth  as hero holds the film together with ease and Pasuathy as the father and former kabaddi player is impressive and completely fits the role to a T. The street  chase and action scene is particularly engaging. The emotional scenes between dad and son are well conceived and executed in a moving manner.
But the movie takes a long time to get to the main story linked to the title of kabadi, spending way too much time in a romance that is really going nowhere. The kabadi scenes are not engaging enough as they were in the original and seem staged for film purposes and hence the tension is missing as we can guage the result. With such good production values and a bunch of acomplished actors, a lot more could have been done making for an engrossing sports film. The father-son angle evokes emotion but somehow doesn't engage us enough. Soori and Appukutty have nothing much to do with not enough funny lines. The film does touch a nostalgic chord with the old players of the original on screen ( trivia: if you recall, Vijay Sethupathi was part of a team in the original)

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