Quick Review : Kadaram Kondan

By Rinku Gupta
Raj Kamal Films International has produced Kadaram Kondan directed by Rajesh M Selva, starring Vikram. Akshara Haasan and newbie Abi Hassan.
The film is based on the French movie A Bout Portant ( Point Blank). The action thriller is set in Malaysia where KK ( Vikram), a rogue cop now involved in a heist, gets injured during an escape. In the hospital where he is taken, works a newly employed doctor Vasu, ( Abi Hassan) who has moved to the country recently with his pregnant wife Athira ( Akshara Haasan). Vasu gets inadvertantly involved when his wife is kidnapped and he is asked by goons chasing KK to get him out of the hospital in return for her safety. Cops in the meanwhile get hot on the trail to hunt down and chase the duo. Who is KK? Why is he being chased? By whom? Does Vasu manage to save his wife?

The film is slick and fast paced, with Chiyaan Vikram carrying off his role with effortless style , sheer charisma and panache. His eyes and fists do most of the talking and there are hardly any dialogues attributed to him, and neither to the other characters for that matter. The crisp , no nonsense , to the point dialogues are a refreshing change, adding to the slick feel of the film. The setting in Malaysia works well for the film and makes for some good visuals especially scenes like those at the Twin Towers. Ghibran's bgm adds to the tension build -up. The title song and the romantic track make for a good watch.
Among the highlights is the impressuve stunt choreography, especially in cramped spaces like the police headquarter cabins for instance.

Abi ( son of actor Nasser) makes a solid debut with a full length role alongside Vikram throughout, and he and Akshara make a refreshing young couple. However the chemistry between them seems lacking somehow.

One does wish Akshara had more screen time. There is one gut wrenching, well choreographed action scene she is in the midst of, which isn't for the faint hearted.

One of the downsides of the film are the constant chases, with the actors always on the run which begin to feel repetitive. Though the supporting characters do their bit, one doesn't feel invested in them. There isnt much of a story, with a pen drive and a murder at the heart of it all.

Vikram fans, who may go expecting punch lines and histroincs, will be greeted by a more strong, silent yet charismatic presence of the actor instead.
By giving every character his due, yet being the strong and silent (whose  actions speak louder than words) fulcrum at the centre of it all, KK draws us into his world with remarkable ease with a confident body language and suave and subtle performance that only a star -actor like Vikram can pull off. Kudos to director Rajesh M Selva for bringing out that facet of the star.

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