Quick Review : Kazhugu 2

By Rinku Gupta
Director Sathya Sivaa teams up with Krishna and Bindu Madhavi for Kazhagu 2.
This time, Johnny ( Krishna) is a con man and small time thief along with his buddy ( Kaali Venkat) . As luck would have it, theduo end up in a forest as armed rifle shooters to protect the village labour who are felling trees in a forest with deadly cannibal wild dogs. Nobody knows that the duo actually cant shoot and are only there to escape the cops and earn food and shelter. All except Merly ( Bindu Madhavi) who falls for Johnnt despite finding out the truth.
But thier love is ill fated. What happens to them forms the story.
The camerawork is superb in this movie set in deep forests, and captures the tough life of the dwellers complete with misty mornings and foggy nights. The camerawork and the performances of all actors are a highlight of the film.  The tension- filled scenes with the threat of wild dogs ( CG) are well executed as is the humor of some of the scenes between the leads. Krishna and Bindu do a good job as the innocent lovers caught in a net of intrigue and circumstances beyond thier control.
But the emotions just don't strike a chord and dont really move the viewer. There are lags in the screenplay and the story takes its own sweet time to develop, only to race through suddenly towards the end. The tragic ending is a dampener. 

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