Quick Review: Oththa Seruppu Size 7

by Rinku Gupta

Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is a unique , experimental film where  R Parthiban is the  solo actor, writer , director and producer.

The story revolves around a man Masilamani ( Parthiban) who is arrested for a murder and is being interrogated by 2 cops ( and a psychologist later).  As the film proceeds, skeletons come pouring out of the cupboard one by one. A tale of pathos, heartbreak, lust,  tragedy, revenge, regret and  betrayal  emerges,  with several  twists along the way.

If the prospect of a one man show on screen is daunting to watch,  Parthiban demolishes any such notions with his superb act. The dialogues maybe long and are the the focus of the film since you don't visually see any other characters ( only hear them).  But the way Parthiban the actor,  writer and director has handled the scenes ensures there no monotony at any point. The way he uses every prop to advantage makes for an interesting watch. There is an ample sprinkling of witty lines that he's  known for, by Partbiban ensures he doesn't go overboard with them,  in keeping with the serious storyline of the film and this proves advantageous.   Its hard to imagine anyone else pulling off this feat as Parthiban has done.
The mainstay of the film is the sound department. With Oscar winner Resul Pookutty handling the sound track, the voices and  sounds ( water, cats, birds, laughter, falling chairs etc) make up spectacularly for the  lack  of other characters being on screen, breathing life into the story and keeping the momentum going. The camera work  by Ramji in the closed confines of a small room deserves appreciation.
At 105 minutes, the movie is compact enough to keep the viewer enagaged. A must -watch  unique , experimental endeavour by a director, actor, producer and writer whose  passion for cinema shows all through.

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