Arnold Schwarzenegger inspires Arya

By Rinku Gupta

The Tamil trailer launch of Terminator Dark Fate  was done in Chennai by Kollywood hunk Arya recently. Being an avid sportsman, fitness buff and taking part in  international cycling competitions himself, Arya seemed the ideal choice to speak at an  Arnold Schwarzenegger film event. Another well -known  fitness enthusiast, VJ turned actor Ramya , hosted the event.

An excited Arya revealed, tongue-in- cheek,  "Finally, I feel that my efforts in the gym have got a good result for me. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a brand that every guy wants to be while entering the gym. And I am really privileged to be here for this occasion. I am sure he is such an icon and inspiration that he will be remembered for the next 100 years. I’m sure Temninator fans will find lots and lots of enthralling moments in this film.”
Speaking about the series he added," My favourite installment among this Terminator franchise is the first and second part."

But there is one reason Arya has a special place for its  hero Arnold. "  I have been a diehard buff of all his movies for I watch them for the sake of getting his body building tips. During those days, when I started working out, there was no availability of such visual sources as it is in YouTube"

The actor and anchor Ramya sportingly did a few exercises with dumbells on stage, to show his favorite Arnold moves.

Terminator Dark Fate will be hitting screens on November 1, 2019 simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada along with English.

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