Quick Review : Adithya Varma

By Rinku Gupta

As the launch vehicle of star son Dhruv Vikram, Adithya Varma manages to do what it set out to do, with Dhruv making a mark as an actor.
A faithful remake of Arjun Reddy in Telugu, the film has stuck to the storyline. Directed by Gireesaaya, it has Banita Sandhu ( from the UK) playing the female lead with Priya Anand playing a film heroine in the movie.

The story is about how Adithya Varma, a medical student turned brilliant doctor, has anger management and substance abuse issues, which destroy his personal life. The girl he loves, Meera( Banita) , his junior in medical school, is a meek girl, who cannot stand up to her parents who are against their love, which infuriates Adithya. But when she does escape and come to his home, he has passed out with substance abuse, which leads to her wedding much against her will.

But come what may, Adithya continues to obsess about her, turning into an abusive alcoholic. What happens to their love story?

Dhruv Vikram carries the  film on his shoulders with an effortless ease and is easily the main reason to watch the film, if one sets aside the controversies and discussions around the issues of the treatment of women which Kabir Singh ( Hindi version) and Arjun Reddy kicked off. A star has indeed arrived on the Tamil cine firmament. He aces every expression and nuance from action to romance with ease and his screen presence and charisma is clearly evident and a big plus.

Though Banita makes a sincere effort, she is let down with drab costumes, dull expressions, and lack of any spark. The chemistry between the duo seems to be pretty lacklustre which is a minus, since thier love story is the fulcrum of the film.
Priya Anand does a good job, making her presence felt adequately ( along with Bumble Bee, her real life pet dog).
Though its a complete one man show, with Dhruv's stellar performance and presence all through, the depth of emotions (Vijay Deverakonda conveyed in the original) seems to be missing. The character goes through so much turbulence, but one feels distanced from his feelings somehow.

The musical score by Rathan leaves a mark, as does the cinematography and supporting cast. 

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