Quick Review: MarketRaja MBBS

By Rinku Gupta
Director Saran returns with Surabi Folms' Market Raja MBBS starring Arav of Bigg Boss Tamil fame in the lead with Nikesha and Kavya Thapar.

Market Raja ( Arav) is a don feared by everyone. Sundhari Bai ( Radhika Sarathkumar) is another don lady who pretends to be his mother and curry favour with people. He runs into a medical student, Vani Shri ( Kavya) who falls for him. But the don is not interested.
A shy co- student is in love with Vani but scared to tell her of his love. In a strange turn of events the shy and timid med student is killed and his spirit enters Market Raja's body, transforming his menacing personality into a weakling. What chaos does this create in the life of Market Raja and Vani Shri?

Arav makes a confident debut, aceing the changes in personality from don to timid guy. His physique and expressions are aptly suited for the don character. Kavya Thapar is adequate. Nikesha Patel plays the glam doll with total ease. Rohini adds gravitas with her performance but Nasser and Radhika look out of place in this set -up and one wonders why they accepted to play these characters.

The overall making appears dated, many situations seem staged and the screenplay tiresome. There are many characters with lengthy dialogues, some cracking lame and double meaning jokes, while others introduce us to so many characters and situations verbally, which is confusing.

The emotional scenes of the mother and son duo manage to leave an impact.  The film's premise showed promise but the execution could have been more interesting.

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