By Rinku Gupta
Draupathi is directed by Pazhaya Vannaiyarpettai fame Mohan G.

The story revolves around Rudra Prabhakar ( Richard) who is supposed to have murdered his wife Draupadhi and her sister in a fit of rage as an honour killing when the latter marries a boy of another community secretly.

When Prabhakar is released from jail he goes to Chennai and starts selling tea at a government marriage registrar office, and one by one he starts killing an advocate and a politico. What is the reason behind his behaviour? Is he really the killer of his wife whom he loved dearly? Why does he choose a marriage registrar's office to carry out these crimes?

The film is hard hitting, with a no holds barred attitude. Taking the lid of the scam of fake marriages in the state and the modus operandi, Mohan seems to have done his research.

The film would serve as an eye-opener about how unscrupulous persons can exploit youngsters with dangerous consequences.

The film ends also tries to suggest a solution.

The way Draupadhi ( Sheela Rajkumar) is portrayed as a sensible young woman,  a rural activist of sorts is a welcome change from the way women are usually portrayed in films.

The actors are well chosen and play their parts well right from the leads to the supporting cast ( Lena, Karunas, Jiva Ravi etc) But Richard Rishi seems at a loss in several scenes and his casual body language after he murders is confusing. The officer investigating him ( Nishanth) also seems to have more of a casual attitude in the way he carries himself.

There is emotion, humor, thrilling moments all the way to keep one engaged.
The screenplay moves interestingly between past and present with a documentary maker character thrown in, which adds to the suspense and interest about where it's all going. Jubin's bgm synchs with the story.

On the flip side, its a bit long and could have been edited to make it crisper. Dialogues are lengthy in places. From a thriller investigating crimes , the movie moves to a message oriented one towards the end.
A few loopholes in the sceeenplay aside, Mohan G brings a rarely touched upon topic of fake marriage rackets to the screen and manages to do so in a gripping manner.
Rating : 3.25/5

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