By Rinku Gupta

KKK is the debut film of director Desingh Periyasamy and marks the entry of Pellichoopellu heroine Ritu Verma in Tamil. Dulquer returns to Tamil after a gap.

Without giving away spoilers, suffice it to say it is the tale of 2 conmen ( Dulquer and Vj Rakshan) who carry out con jobs to earn money without any qualms about it. When the duo meet 2 girls ( Ritu Verma, Niranjani Ahathian) they fall in love and decide to follow an honest mode of living. In the meanwhile, a cop ( Gautham Menon) is hot on the trail of their con jobs.
But just as the four youngsters run offto Goa to start a new life, the con men are in for a rude shock that turns their world upside down. What happens to their plans?

The film takes its time to get to the interesting twists but the journey turns out to be fun. The scenes between the four leads are engaging and nothing quite prepares you for what happens later ( Except a nagging doubt as to how the girls accepted the love propsals so quickly).

The film moves to heist format in Delhi making for some novel, tense and gripping moments.
Desingh seems to have done a lot of homework on technological cons and heists and it shows in the way he has shot each scene, without short changing audiences nor compromising. The trendy locales, lavish homes and hi end hotels and ultra luxury cars are each chosen with care, in keeping with the theme of the film.

Even the costumes of the characters  seem to have been handpicked with care. Attention to detail is clearly Desingh's forte and kudos to him for that ( even the bags the cons use to collect the heist money in , are stylish and not just the usual back packs)

 KM Bhaskaran is in perfect synch with Desingh, enhancing the film, capturing it all on camera. Chennai, Goa, Delhi, Manipur, each look beautiful thanks to locales chosen with care.

While all four leads do their parts well, special mention must be made of Gautham Menon's presence which is an invaluable asset to the film. Must be seen to be experienced! Desing deserves credit for writing those scenes which GVM sportingly carried out ( and seemed to be enjoying himself too!)

Dulquer fits into his role with ease and the film is a perfect silver jubilee film (DQ25 ) for him. He carries of playing playing the charming, roguish techie superbly and when he breaks into hi end con tricks and heists in ultra luxurious places, he looks absolutely credible doing it.

 while Ritu Verma is a wonderful entrant to Kollywood, with her subtle expressions lifting the scenes.

On the flip side I feel perhaps dialogues like 'Breakfast ku Bhavana and Lunch Ku Lavanya' type of dialogues could be avoided. ( Wonder, why are modern, young men usually shown as sloppy, drunk and clamouring for female attention, trying to ' correct' girls in most films?)

Some scenes move too conveniently fast towards Delhi.

Overall KKK is among the well made con- heist- rom-coms, aided by good performance, excellent casting, good visuals and a rich making. Go for it!
Rating 4/5.

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