Review : NADODIGAL 2

By Rinku Gupta
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Director Samudrakani's Nadodigal 2 is about a group of friends ( Sasikumar, Anjali, Barani) who are the good samaritains of the town, helping out on every issue with protests and petitions. As a result, Sasikumar ends up with nobody willing to give him their daughter in marriage.
When finally,  a rich family agrees to him marrying their daughter ( Athulya) , he thinks good times are ahead. But fate has other things in store.
On his wedding night, he finds out his new wife was forced into wedlock by her parents because she actually loves a man from another caste. When Sasikumar hears this and sees her ready to slash her wrists, he decides to help her elope with her lover.
What follows is total mayhem, with his wife's family hot on her pursuit, ready to indulge in honour killing for sullying their name. How does Sasikumar save his wife? Does he find true love in his life? How does he handle the casteist mindset of the people?
Anjali, Athulya, Barani and Sasikumar's superb performances are what makes the film watchable. The action scenes invplving 2 buses is gripping while the honour killing attempt scenes is chilling. Anjali and Sasikumar strike a perfect chemistry and their romance portions bring a smile. Thulasi as usual has done a good job. The portions about a transgender becoming a cop after a long struggle are well portrayed and convey a positive message. Melodrama is toned down and humor is well integrated into scenes here and there, via situations and dialogues.

The message against honour killings is a good one as is the emphasis on avoiding caste based politics.

But the film is so loud and heavy with several messages along the way, at every step, that it feels like a full blown moral science lesson and drains you by the end of it all.
The recent trend of popping socio- political messages all over a film in a bid to strike a chord with audiences seems to be overdone here.

Rating : 2.75 /5

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