Raghava Lawrence to donate 3 Crores for Corona Pandemic relief work

By Rinku Gupta

Actor and philanthropist Raghava Lawrence has pledged to make a generous donation of 3 crores in the light of the corona pandemic affecting society.

Says Lawrence, " I want to share a happy news with you all. One of my next projects is my Thailavar’s movie Chandramuki 2.  I’m so lucky to act in this project with Thalaivar’s permission and blessings, which is directed by P. Vasu sir and produced by my lucky producer Sun Pictures' Kalanithi Maran sir. With the advance I get from it, I humbly pledge to contribute 3 crores for Coronavirus relief fund.
50 lakhs to the PM - CARES fund,
50 Lakhs to CM relief Fund (Tamil Nadu) ,
50 lakhs for Fefsi union.
 I want to extend my special contribution of
50 lakhs for my dancer’s union and
25 lakhs for my physically disabled boys and
75 lakhs for daily labour’s and for people from my birth place Royapuram, desiyanagar.
All food essentials will be delivered with the help of the police with proper safety. Service is God."

A very thoughtful and generous donation from the philanthrophic, multi- talented actor,  choreographer, director indeed.

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