Mother's Day Special with Hansika and Rakul Preet Singh !

By Rinku Gupta

As the world remember's the contribution of mothers to their lives today, we spoke to two heroines whose work schedules keep them on their toes,  shuttling  between industries on shoots,  and thus, away from the comfort zone of their moms. On Mother's Day they share with us what mom means to each of them...

Actor HANSIKA  who has a strong bond with her mom and regularly posts moments of the camaraderie they share, thier travel stories and the like on her social media accounts,  says to CinemaSpeak, "There are no words that any language can explain about  how much my mom means to me." 

When Hansika is traveling without her mom, Dr Mona, what does she  miss most  about her? She replies, " I miss  every thing about her! Especially I miss her  feeding me since I’m horrible at eating food alone! I also miss nagging her.  Can’t just mention one thing! To me, ❤️she is my strength, my  pillar, my everything."
Hansika with mom Dr Mona 

Another busy actor who lives out of a suitcase, shuttling between industries, RAKUL PREET SINGH has a strong bond with her mom as well. So what are the things she misses about her mom Rini Singh, when she's not around?  Rakul says, " Well, its been many years since I left home, almost 9 years in fact. There are many things about her that I miss, like the food that she makes, with that special ingredient of mother's love in it! I miss our long girl chats ! "
When Rakul is travelling on work and her mom is not with her, she misses one thing in particular.  " I hug her and sleep so when she's not with me,  I miss doing that!"

What are the qualities Rakul loves the most about her mom?  She says, "I love her selfless nature! She has always put her family before herself. Now we tell her she should live her life and go on vacations but for her everything begins with her family, her kids. She's taught us how important it to respect people around are, how to value the bonds you create with people, and value your family. I love all these things about her and most of all, I love her for making me a progressive, fearless, independant woman, yet with values that keep me grounded."  

             Rakul Preet with mom Rini Singh 

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