Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Oru Chance Kodu video shot on his Terrace!

By Rinku Gupta

 Gautham Vasudev Menon's short film ‘Karthik Dial Seytha Yen’ featuring STR and Trisha became an overnight success  trending on YouTube and social media platforms.

The maverick filmmaker gives in us yet another sip of romance with his latest independent song ‘Oru Chance Kodu’ which took a trending position at No.1 as soon as it was released.

The song teaser features Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Megha Akash, and Kalaiyarasan.

Sharing the experience of shooting this song during Lockdown season, director Vasudev Menon says, “The core concept of this song is love, friendship and misunderstanding. It’s about a friend’s attempt to convey good words about his friend towards the girl, who had a misunderstanding with her guy. And he does this in a funny way. Actually, the origin of the song happened even before the Lockdown season with Karthik, Madan Karky and I discussing over it.”

Apart from the salient features of the song having cute actors, what instantly grabs our attention is the location, namely the Terrace!

 GVM flicks and songs are always stamped with groovy backdrops. Speaking on this, the director says, “The song is completely shot in my house. The terrace has become a major hangout place for everyone during this season and I just felt the viewers would connect with it instantly. Apart from the actors, our crewmembers were just 7, which was more like a gathering of friends with common interests, who wanted to do something out of passion.
 The actors have appeared with no makeup, hairstyling, and costumes were on their own, which was picked by Uthara Menon a day before the shoot. Keeping the current restrictions on social distancing and hygiene factors, we all wore masks except for the actors when they had to face the camera. We will be soon releasing the full song and I am excited looking forward to the response from audiences.”

With the musical score by playback singer Karthik, who is currently associated with Gautham Vasudev Menon’s upcoming release ‘Joshua’, the song is shot by Manoj Paramahamsa. Uthara Menon has designed the costumes and Sathish has choreographed the song.

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