Nayanthara, Vignesh Shivan's Cute Reply to Covid Rumors !

By Rinku Gupta

Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan, the cute couple of Kollywood, never fail to warm thr hearts of fans. Be it pics of their vacations on social media,  or celebrating festivals together,  the duo's pics show their fondness for each other and the camaraderie they share.

Now the duo have revealed their fun side, with a classic rejoinder to trolls! The duo can be seen in Vignesh's post, in a short video. What's interesting is the use of a baby face app, showing them as kiddies, dancing to the tunes of a Baby Shark nursery rhyme.

With it, Vignesh Shivan and Nayan, lay to rest the rumors about them contacting covid, which have been doing the rounds.

Vignesh writes, " And that's how we see the news about us,  the corona and the imagination of all the press & social 
media sweethearts . Anyways! To our well-wishers  We are happy healthy and God has blessed us with enough strength & happiness to see all you jokers and 
your jokes ! God bless.' 

The duo look super cute in the video. Now that's one classy, super creative, tongue-in- cheek rejoinder to set wagging tongues to rest!

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