Mahesh Babu's Special Birthday Request to Fans !

 By Rinku Gupta

Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu has a humungous fan following, all of whom have been waiting to celebrate his birthday on August 9th.

 But the star, has now made a request to his legion of fans, in the light of the covid pandemic raging across the world.

Keeping everyone's safety and health in mind,  he has asked fans not to hold any social gatherings on his birthday this year.

On his social media pages, Mahesh Babu wrote: 

'A kind request to my dear fans, 

I feel blessed and thankful to have all of you. 

I truly appreciate all the good deeds you do 

to make my special day worth remembering.

Since we are battling a global pandemic this 

year, safety is indispensable.

 I request all my fans to avoid any social 

gatherings on my birthday. 

Please stay safe. 


Mahesh Babu '

Fans, though disappointed, have appreciated the concern of their star. Many seem to be planning online celebrations. 

Music director Thaman has tweeted his appreciation of the star's gesture and concern for his fans.

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