Vijay Sethupathi releases Zee5 Virtual Reality thriller PubGoa teaser!

 By Rinku Gupta 

Touted to be Zee5 's first virtual reality thriller, PubGoa  is a hyperlink web-series. The highlight is its non-linear narrative of events leading up to, and after, a deadly shootout. 

 It is  narrated   from two perspectives, one that of a female cop investigating a deadly shootout and the other of a survivor searching for his missing girlfriend. Vijay Sethupathi released the teaser recently.

Vimala Raman plays the female cop. Apart from her, Sampath Ram, Ayra, Sarah Annaiah, Abishek Joseph George, and Dev are playing significant roles.

Pubgoa is directed by Laxmi Narayana with cinematography by Karthi K Thillai. It premieres on  November 27th on ZEE5

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