Varalaxmi Sarathkumar back on Instagram ! Explains what happened in heartfelt note

 By Rinku Gupta

Actor Varalaxmi Sarathkumar's social media accounts  got hacked on December 2nd yesterday, leaving her anxious, but in touch with the app personnel to resolve the issue. 

But now the latest is the good news  that she has got back access to her Instagram page. She has not yet got all the old posts back but has been able to put up a new post.

Taking the opportunity to reach out to fans, in a heartfelt, detailed post, she explains how it all happened after she clicked on a link from a verified account. 

Learning from the experiences, she also urges followers not to be led away by appearances versus actual reality on social media.  

Accompanied by a telling collage pic, Varu wrote, "I've just realised how we believe anything if it means that it validates us a bit Last night I clicked on a link just  because it came from a verified user and I got hacked.. I've got back my insta account thankfully.. and they are still working to get my posts back.. It just made me realise that we all look up to our own idols on social media and try to be them.. we all need to stop.. Get inspired you don't have to aspire to be them.. you can be better.. you just have to believe in yourself.. 

Just because something seems perfect on social media doesn't mean that it's the actually reality.. have fun, live life, enjoy your social media but don't let it overtake your life and don't let it bcom who you are.. So here's to a new beginning of loving myself more and 

love being being who you are.. cos ur pretty awesom yourself."

She also thanked Instagram and cautioned followers about clicking  on  links.

As of now, she is not yet back on Twitter. We wish her luck!

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