Eeswaran director trolled, explains behaviour with Niddhi Agerwal!

 by Rinku Gupta

At the Silambarasan Pongal release, Eeswaran Audio launch, director Suseinthiran's behaviour on stage during heroine Niddhi Agerwal's speech came in for much criticism and trolling from fans of Silambarasan and Niddhi as well as the general public.

Comments on social media implied that he was maybe drunk and that his pushy behaviour towards the heroine was uncalled for and far from the norm. Many others gave him the benefit of doubt and felt that he was only joking and  talking in a light-hearted manner and he he had anyway been coming on stage even when others were speaking. But what actually happened?

Suseinthiran came on stage while Niddhi Agerwal  was speaking at her debut Kollywood audio launch. ( to watch 'controversial' Niddhi - Suseinthiran speech on stage, click here) As she started thanking her director and team, Suseinthiran in a very jovial mood, kept interrupting her speech and said, ' say mama I Love you' to Silambarasan. Niddhi, continued her speech despite his repetitive interruptions and did not say the words he'd insisted upon. At the end,  he grabbed the mic and joked, that he may not cast her in his next film. 

Suseinthiran has noted the fans' outcry and now responded to trolls in a video message. He explains that he was only telling Niddhi to mouth a dialogue from the film where she runs behind the hero saying ' Mama I Love You.'( click here to see his reply  video).

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