Atharvaa, a Special Task Force officer in Navarasa

  Actor Atharvaa Murali, relishes his memory of playing the emotion 'Courage' in the Netflix anthology "Navarasa". Atharvaa portrays the role of a young officer named Vetri, who is nervous and inexperienced. 

Filmmaker Sarjun KM has helmed the Thunintha Pin episode in Navarasa

Though he was excited about his role,  the actual filming was tougher than he had imagined. 

Speaking about the working experience with Sarjun and the role Vetri, actor Atharvaa Murali said "When Sarjun first told me about the script, I was eager to see which emotion he was going to discuss. My feeling was heightened when he said the film would be about courage. I was told that I would be playing a Special Task Force officer. Although my mind saw macho uniforms and a swaggering vibe, after reading the script it was a very different experience. But,overall, it was a wonderful experience working with Sarjun and portraying Vetri.”  

Navarasa’ features some of the best talents from the Tamil film industry. Navarasa will debut worldwide on Netflix on August 6, 2021.

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