Arya-Sayyeshaa daughter's name revealed !

By Rinku Gupta

The joyous success of Sarpatta Parambarai for Arya and Sayyeshaa was doubled along with another good news, the birth of their little daughter. Now, on Daughter's Day proud dad Arya has revealed his daughter's name, and wished his bundle of joy. He posted, " Two months of being a dad. Happy Daughter's day Ariana!"

Sayyeshaa who was very active on social media had taken a break from it, to be with her newborn.  But her lovely mom, Shhaheen Ahmed, has been active with nostalgic posts about her daughter and family. Now, in her latest post, Shhaheen  has revealed the name of the little one,  along with more details !

  Says Shhaheen, "My granddaughter is two months old and you my friends should know her name! It's Ariana."

Shhaheen also explained the meaning, "It means pure. We loved it and so here it is!"

The family chose this name since it also has a special connection to her father. "It also feels good as her dad is Arya and the name is close to his! Sayyeshaa loved the name and so did we!"

Fans awaiting a glimpse of the little one, have reason to rejoice, for a photo maybe revealed soon as well,  when the family feels that the time is right. She explains, "With all your love and blessings she is adorable, and we will introduce you to her with her pictures in some time. She is too small and you know how elders are so protective. But everything in good time. Please continue to bless her with your blessings and thank you so much for your kindness my friends".

On the work front, Arya is looking forward to the release of Aranmanai 3 and Enemy.

We wish little Ariana and  the adorable family all the best and can't wait to catch a glimpse of the little one!

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