Film Review : Appathava Aataya Potutaanga

 Appathava Aataya Potutaanga starring Chandra Haasan, Delhi Ganesh and a host of others has dropped on Sony Liv today. The film is directed by Stephen Raj 

The film revolves around the ill treatment meted out to elders by thier families. Kamal Haasan's brother  Chandra Haasan plays one such elder left in an old age home by his family.  There he meets an old lady who has been abandoned by her son. The lady yearns to return home.  The duo become friendly. 

One day, the lady's son, Shanmugam, gets a shocking news that his mother has eloped with her male friend from the old age home. 

The eloping couple are helped by their four aged friends. As Shanmugam pursues them, crying about the shame this will bring to their family honor, things get heated up and everyone lands in a police station. What happens to the eloping couple? Does Shanmugam get back his mother?

The film at 102 minutes, has tackled a social issue about understanding the needs of elders who have sacrificed so much for their families, using humor and sentiment in equal measure without sounding preachy.

Though in places it may ressemble a tv serial, overall, the screenplay and  performances of the large cast of seasoned actors  makes up for any lacuna. There are  a few  attempts at ' comedy' by one youngster yearning to find out which young girl is inside a  room which could have been better written. Chandra  Haasan shines in a dignified performance. 

A comedy with a much -needed message. Watch out for the twist in the tale!

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