Grand Kallan audio launch !


The forthcoming production of Etcetera Entertainment Mathiyazhagan is titled ‘Kallan’. The movie is directed by Chandira Thangaraj that features Karu Pazhaniappan in the lead role. The film is set against the rural backdrops with new-fangled plot. The film has been completed and is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on March 18, 2022. The audio launch of Kallan was held this evening in Chennai with the presence of film’s crew, famous personalities from the film along with press and media fraternity.

 Producer Mathiyazhagan said, “Kallan is getting released after a long phase of challenges. The entire crew is responsible for the film getting completed with perfection as planned amidst heavy problems. Chandira madam is a vigorous and honest person. She gets angry because of her honesty, but has delivered a commendable final output. We have filmed the project for a long time, and it has shaped up very well. I have converted a writer into filmmaker. The audio rights of this film have been sold for Rs. 4Lacs, and we are donating this fund to the family of Na. Muthukumar. We request everyone to support this film.”

Kumaran, Peacock Pictures, said, “This is a good quality film more than a low budget movie. You will not be disappointed with this film for it is going to offer a good entertainment. I request everyone to support this movie.”

Music director K said, “The journey with Kallan is quite long, and we have developed a lot during this phase. We have done some different and new attempts in this movie. I thank Chandira madam for giving an opportunity to compose music for the movie. I thank everyone in the crew for their earnest support.”

Actor Arun Pandian said, “I am glad to be a part of Kallan movie. Only I am aware about the problems and challenges faced by Chandira madam during the process of materializing this movie. The film will be a sure-footed winner, and there is no doubt about it.”

Actress Maya said, “Kallan is getting finally released after coming across various hurdles. Chandira sister has gone through lots of excruciating experiences while making this movie. Finally, we are happy to see the movie getting released in the theaters. This is my debut movie. Chandira sister took care of me like her own cousin. She will definitely experience success with this movie.”

 Actor Namo Narayanan said, “Everyone here is stating that Kallan has come across many problems, but we are standing here boldly battling the pandemic phase. To see the finest results, one has to face many problems. Chandira madam has been an ample exemplification to this, and she has now made a beautiful movie, which will be very well received by audiences. Sundar sir has been her backbone throughout this journey. Karu Pazhaniappan and I have been good friends. I am elated to have shared the screen with him in this movie. This is the right time for the movie to get released, and I am confident about its success. Every crewmember has done excellent hard work, and I wish everyone for the grand success of this movie.”

Journalist Jayaramani said, “This is an emotional moment for me, and it’s a freedom for Chandira after 15 years of hard work. We can easily count the number of women filmmakers in our industry. Even the ones, who have made the movies, belong to upper strata, and we have never seen women from the middle class family background successfully venturing into the movie industry. Chandira being a homemaker, has worked hard, and has today proved to be an inspiring example for many women, who are aspiring to achieve. Her hard work has impressed me a lot. This is an out and out action movie, and the way, she prepared for this movie was incredible. I admire her warrior like nature, and I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.”

 Director Dhamayandhi said, “It’s always a heavenly moment to be a part of joyful occasions of our friends and well-wishers. I am glad to be a part of this event that is a special moment for Chandira. Cinema industry mandatorily needs the presence of women for the society will be made aware of their perceptions. I am happy to see Chandira making it here, and I wish her all the best for the film’s success.”
Director Raju Murugan said, “The difference between a big budget and small budget movie is merely a single show. The gap can be bridged and a small one can become a great one. I am confident that Kallan is going to be a greater hit. I have known Chandhira madam from the Day 1 of her professional journey as journalist.  I am aware about her dreams in cinema, and the challenges she met during the process. I had requested her to give an opportunity for me to write lyrics for a song in her movie. I thought that she would make a romantic film, but the screenplay she wrote left me awestricken. She has shaped this movie as a unique product. The society still believes that women cannot achieve certain things, and this movie is going to break this misconception. I have already watched the movie, and the anger of Chandira has been very well translated into a good product. I wish everyone that the movie will be a great hit.”

 Actor Aari Arjunan said, “Many are using the word ‘Freedom’ here, but it really matters what that actual ‘Freedom’ is.  I have known Chandira madam for a very long time, and it was she who introduced me to the cinema. I have personally known her anger, which was nothing but a reflection of her honesty. She has broken the myth that women filmmakers can make a good commercial cinema like male directors. Initially, I and Ameer brother was the choice to play the lead role in this movie. I am little disappointed that Karu Pazhaniappan brother is not here for the occasion. This movie is the result of Chandira madam’s struggle for years, and I am glad that she is going to reap the harvest of success with this movie’s success now.”

Director Chandira Thangaraj said, “Nearly 100 producers rejected my script before meeting producer Mathiyazhagan. The most common question or doubt would be how well are you going to direct this film as narrated. However, Mathiyazhagan sir surprised me by okaying the script, the same evening, I had narrated him the story. Raju Murugan had tried a lot recommending my script to many producers. My friends have been the backbone and pillar in letting my dream come true. Aari was the first choice to play the lead role, but he couldn’t make it due to his prior commitment to the movie Nenduchaalai. I had consistently pestered Dhamayandhi, but still, patience was the only answer from the other end. Everyone in the film have exhibited their prowess performances. Namo Narayanan is an one take artiste. I have perturbed the editor a lot. Music Director K is the only person, whom I had never angered upon. He patiently accompanied my journey with Kallan for years. This film will have a new-dimension musical approach. In other words, it would be something more like a first-of-its-kind in the Tamil movie industry. The only difference of opinion between me and Karu Pazhaniappan is the economics factor, and it would be resolved very soon. He is the first copy producer of this movie. However, he could have graced this occasion, and I am slightly disappointed with this gesture. I had strongly self-affirmed that I wouldn’t be attending any film related events until my movie is released. This movie will be a commercially successful one for everyone involved in the trade

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