Actor Arulnithi and filmmaker Ajay Gnanamuthu collaborate for the ‘Demonte Colony” Franchise with part 2*


Actor Arulnithi & filmmaker Ajay Gnanamuthu, who delivered a ground-breaking spine-chilling supernatural thriller “Demonte Colony” (May 22, 2015), have announced the film’s sequel “Demonte Colony 2” on the 7th anniversary of the first part release. While Ajay Gnanamuthu, who is penning the story, screenplay, and dialogues, is producing the movie as well, his co-director Venky Venugopal will be the director. 

Actor Arulnithi, with an earnest dedication and scrutinizing efforts in choosing unique scripts and roles, has achieved a greater stature in the movie industry. Apart from the writers and filmmakers with unique scripts acclaiming him as the ‘One-stop destination’ for their scripts to materialize, it is noteworthy that the producers, distributors, and exhibitors too adore him as a ‘Bankable Star’. Filmmaker Ajay Gnanamuthu, who made his debut with Demonte Colony managed to scale great heights and occupy a prominent position in the A-league filmmakers now with his biggies like Imaikka Nodigal and upcoming release ‘Cobra’. Now it’s great to see that both of them are collaborating again to recreate the magic with ‘Demonte Colony 2’. At times, most of the sequels in the movie industry happen to be the initiative of the director-actor duo that gets excited to recreate the magic. However, in the curious case of Demonte Colony, the scenario has been completely different as the trade circles earnestly wanted to see the sequel happening for the magic it created with the first part. Marking the seven years of the film’s release (#7yrsOfDemonteColony), the Arulnithi-Ajay Gnanamuthu duo is delighted to announce the film’s sequel ‘Demonte Colony’. 

Director Ajay Gnanamuthu says, “Demonte Colony is very special and close to heart for everyone involved in the project. The feedback and response from audiences, critics and trade circle were completely amazing. The scenario didn’t end there as many producers, distributors, and friends from the film industry inquisitively kept asking about ‘Demonte Colony 2’. Such encouragements and positive words prompted me to craft the script. When approached Arulnithi sir, he too liked the script, and we decided to proceed. It’s really great to see that his career graph has escalated a lot now, and his presence in this project would be a great crowd-pulling factor. I’m happy that Arulnithi who believed me and initiated my direction career is again entrusting me and initiating my career as a producer. Personally, I have always been fascinated by Hollywood’s ability to create franchises for horror genres like ‘The Friday The 13th’, ‘Halloween’ to the contemporary ‘The Conjuring Universe’. With vivid inspiration, we have also decided to take forward Demonte Colony as an uncompromised relentless hard-core horror franchise which will have subsequent parts made hereafter.” We will be kick-starting the shoot of Demonte Colony 2, by July 2022. Currently, we are holding talks with the leading artistes and technicians from the industry, and will accordingly make the official announcements soon.”

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