Nayanthara starrer “O2” premiere on Disney+ Hotstar from June 17, 2022, onwards - O2 Trailer released


Disney+ Hotstar, the top league OTT platform in the Tamil territory, officially announces that its next outing titled ’O2’ featuring Nayanthara in the lead role, produced by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures will have its worldwide premiere from June 17, 2022, onwards. 

O2, written and directed by Vignesh GS features a musical score by Vishal Chandrashekhar, cinematography by Tamizh A Azhagan, and editing by Selva RK. The film is crafted with lots of raciness with heart-pounding thriller elements, which will keep the adrenaline rush high in audiences, throughout the movie. 

A mother with her 8-yr old son gets stuck inside a bus hit by an accident. The kid affected with chronic lung disorder cannot survive without the aid of an oxygen cylinder. A cop trapped inside the bus, eyes for the same to breathe and survive. How the mother battles the odd situation and saves her son forms the crux of this story. The story is set against the backdrops of hill regions that connect Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The movie owns the never-ever-seen before thriller moments that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. 

Nayanthara plays the role of a mother named ‘Parvathy’, and Rithvik is the 8-yr old son. The others in the star cast include Leena, late actor RNR Manohar, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Jaffer Idukki, and a few more prominent actors. 

Vignesh GS is a former assistant director to filmmaker Venkat Prabhu. Although he has written many stories, he wanted 02 to be his debut movie. It is out of his sheer inquisitiveness upon nature and concern for mankind that he chose this story as his maiden directorial. As soon as Nayanthara heard the complete narration, she was impressed and instantly allotted dates for this movie. Besides, Dream Warrior Pictures decided to produce this movie only after listening to the complete narration as the producers felt it has a fresh and unique story premise. 

70% of the scenes in this movie will be completely inside the bus. Art director Sathees Kumar gave a realistic touch to each and every element that ensured to enhance the drama of this movie. This indeed helped the shooting to be completed on time as planned. The film will escalate the stature of Tamil cinema in the context of top-notch technical works. 

While the movie is getting premiered on Disney+ Hotstar from June 17, 2022, onwards, the crewmembers of this film interacted with the press and media yesterday in Chennai. 

Dream Warrior Pictures SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu have produced the movie ‘O2’ starring Nayanthara in the lead role. The film is directed by Vicknesh GS, which is an edge-of-seat survival thriller revolving a mother’s nick-of-time combat against a notorious person for the sake of saving of her 8-yr old son inside a bus buried deep inside the ground due to an accident. With the passengers running out of oxygen, and the little kid suffering from lung disorder having the cylinder, the miscreant aims for it and the mother has to struggle to save it. The movie is getting premiered on Disney+ Hotstar from June 17, 2022 onwards. The cast and crew of this movie interacted with press and media to share their experience. 

Lyricist Rajesh Om Prasad said, “This is the first time, I am addressing you all as a lyricist. I am glad to get introduced through the prestigious banner like Dream Warrior Pictures. I thank my friend director Vicknesh and music director Vishal for giving me this opportunity. It’s great and exhilarating to be writing lyrics for the song in my favourite Nayanthara madam movie. I request everyone to support this movie.”

Actor Arjunan said, “I play a jovial and cheerful person in this movie. While shooting the bus sequences, all of us were completely dedicated and intensely involved. The director has handled a complicated plot and premise efficiently. Child artiste Ritvik has delivered an intense performance. I wish him all the best. I request everyone to watch this movie and support the movie.” 


Actor Rishikanth said, “I have performed an important character in this movie. I am thankful to many for making me a part of this movie. I request everyone to watch this movie and share your thoughts about it. The little chap Rithvik has done a great performance in this movie.” 

Director-actor Bharath Neelakandan said, “Stunt director is the reason behind my presence in this movie. I got the opportunity to be a part of this movie through his reference alone. Being an actor has been a great and new experience. Acting beside Nayanthara mam was indeed a unique experience.  I thank director for giving me this opportunity. The film has shaped up very well. I gained a lot of experience in this movie. The set works of this movie are worthy of appreciations. My co-stars and technicians have given an impeccable dedication towards this movie. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.” 

Stunt Master Sudhesh said, “When director narrated the script for first time, I got excited and very much interested about this project. At the same time, it looked like a project with a myriad of challenges. The crew kept escalating the value of this film on daily basis. They also exerted lots of efforts to nurture this movie. The art director’s work turned to be one of the major supports for this movie. The efforts of cinematographer are tremendous. I thank the crew for making me a part of this movie.” 

Art Director Sathish Kumar said, “I have already worked in various projects produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. I thank the producers of this movie for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this project. The entire crew has delivered a flawless work from their respective parts. While working in this movie, the set works for Vikram was also happening simultaneously. I thank my assistants for being a great support in making sure that the same efforts are employed for both this movie and Vikram as well. I request everyone to support this movie.” 

Editor Selva RK said, “This is a very special movie to me. Director and cinematographer are my long-time friends. We are always a single team. Prabhu sir is main backbone of this movie. The suggestions he gave for the movie was tremendous. The inputs from Thanga Prabhakaran made the movie more substantial. It’s a great thing that Nayanthara mam accepted to be a part of this movie. She has exerted an awe-inspiring effort for this movie. Since the movie happens in the same location, the entire crew was able to give lots of efforts. We are happy that the movie has shaped up very well. I request everyone to support this movie.” 


Music director Vishal Chandrashekar said, “I thank the press and media friends here. Collaborating with Dream Warrior Pictures is a great delight for me. Executive Producer is the main reason behind the film’s music best output. Nayanthara is the oxygen of this movie. Rithvik and Bharath have given an extraordinary performance in this movie. It’s a honour to be a part of this great team. Director has crafted this movie so much of focus and dedication. I have become a fan of this editor after watching his works. We have given the music according to the film’s premise. I thank everyone for a great support for this movie.” 


Cinematographer Tamizh A Azhagan said, “It’s a great joy to be working for SR Prabhu sir, who was present as chief guest for our short film. When director narrated the story, I felt that it’s going to be a very challenging project. Many have helped and contributed a lot towards this movie. The movies produced by Dream Warrior Pictures are always great and unique. In this aspect, O2 will be yet another greater one from them. I thank producer for giving this opportunity. I thank Nayanthara mam for encouraging our creative efforts and experiments. We have done this movie with complete dedication. I request everyone to support this movie.” 


Child artiste Rithvik said, “I thank the producer for giving me the first time opportunity. I thank director Vicknesh and cinematographer Tamizh. It’s a pleasure to be work with Nayanthara madam.” 


Director Vignesh GS said, “Producer is the main reason behind completing this movie on time. Stunt master has inhaled the complete concept of this movie, and has delivered a colossal work. Cinematographer Tamizh has contributed a lot to this movie. Editor is the main reason behind the film’s fabulous output. This story belongs to a unique genre. I thank producers for supporting this project. Nayanthara madam is a best performer, and she taught lot of inputs. She also trusted me and my efforts. She is the oxygen of this movie. This movie belongs to a main team effort. This movie is dedicated to the strong hearted women. 


Producer SR Prabhu, Dream Warrior Pictures said, “I have known cinematographer Tamizh from the time of Biriyani shooting. The director was introduced through him. The movie’s story premise is an interesting one. There is a search element in this movie. Director suggested that Nayanthara would be apt for this movie. She also accepted to be a part of this movie. It’s great that she accepted to be a part of this unconventional story. Soon after listening to the narration, we all felt that art director Sathish would be apt for this movie. He has given a good work for this movie. Cinematographer and director being his close friend has made him work the best for this project. The music has been done accordingly to the concept of this movie. Since the cast members of this movie are limited, we wanted to make sure that the best ones are picked. The film has shaped up very well as planned. The release of this movie on OTT platform was something pre-planned. The movie is getting premiered on Disney+ Hotstar. I request everyone to support this movie.”

Disney+ Hotstar, which is an undisputed big player in the OTT platform globally has been creating benchmarks with every release in the Tamil domain. The A-league OTT platform is acclaimed for its With world-class storytelling, great entertainment features, original network movies, web series with innovativeness, premiering the TV series prior to the telecasting, and live coverage of sports events has claimed a colossal reach for the OTT platform among the audiences.

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