KGF 2 music label MRT Music files copyright infringement case against national party !

 Leading Music label, the Karnataka based MRT Music has filed a copyright infringement case against the INC political party for using music from the blockbuster Yash starrer KGF 2 across social media platforms for marketing and publicity during the Bharat Jodo Yatra .

The Music Label's Counsel, Narasimhan Sampath, Partner & Pranav Kumar Mysore, Partner NSK Attorneys  noted, "Our Client MRT Music is one of the most popular, well reputed and respected regional music company in India and is engaged in the business of producing and/ or acquiring cinematograph films, songs, music albums, videos etc., in various languages.

The present complaint has been filed against the Indian National Congress represented by its General Secretary, Sri Jairam Ramesh, Smt. Supriya Shrinate, Sri Rahul Gandhi for infringement of copyrights owned by MRT Music.
 These unlawful actions committed by a National Political Party reflects their blatant disregard to the rule of law and the rights of private individuals and entities while they are conducting this Bharath Jodo Yatra to seek an opportunity to govern the county and frame legislations for protecting the rights of the common man and businesses."

Here is the official statement from the Music Label's M Naveen Kumar:

 In the digital world today our Intellectual property guarded by the Copyright Act is pivotal to us and to our utter shock, we recently came across videos posted by the Indian National Congress (INC) party wherein videos featuring Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Member, Steering Committee, Indian National Congress, without seeking our permission/license has used them to further their own political agenda and for marketing and publicity. The infringed videos were also broadcasted / posted by the INC on their official social handles and can also be found on all social media platforms. An entity such as the INC has to set an example for the Indian citizens, however in this scenario, it itself is violating the laws of the land and infringing our copyright and intellectual property rights, which we have acquired through huge investments. This act on the part of INC sends a completelywrong signal to the Indian public and is completely contrary to the efforts of safeguarding our copyrights. This grave infringement will be challenged by us to the fullest effort." 

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