Vijay Sethupathi – L Ramachandran duo hits a hat-trick with “The Artist”


Internationally acclaimed ace photographer L Ramachandran, habitually picks up a unique theme every year, makes it sparkle through his distinguished approach thus producing astonishingly great collections with a cosmopolitan touch, which he then transforms to monthly calendars. Earlier, L Ramachandran and Vijay Sethupathi had produced collections titled ‘Human’ and ‘Kalaignan’. And, this time as the third consecutive year, L Ramachandran is on a hat-trick portraying Vijay Sethupathi on a creative pursuit titled ‘The Artist’, the theme for the 2023 calendar.

For this collection, L Ramachandran has shot Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi in absolutely interesting dimensions of a creator such as a Painting Artist, Sculptor, Graffiti Artist, which gets transformed to a colourful calendar for 2023.

To make this a reality, hundreds of creators had put in more than ten days of tireless work bringing out 12 unique sets is certainly noteworthy. 

“Art and Imagination has brought forth many social transformations; it has well served as the foundation for several initiatives; and has made many a people happy; ‘The Artist’ is dedicated to each and every such creator”, adds L Ramachandran, who expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi for accommodating this unique concept despite his busy and packed schedules.  

Among the contemporary actors who act with determination, self-confidence and utmost commitment to their work Vijay Sethupathi stands tall and deserves a special place. For this collection, Vijay Sethupathi spent a lot of his valuable time talking to experts in every craft, to understand its uniqueness and techniques in such a way that he has transformed himself as the character itself, which stands a witness to you all in the very first glance.

Nevertheless, this collection differentiates itself from its earlier years through its distinguished style and shine. It’s beyond doubt that with two pictures a month, thus 24 pictures in all designed into beautiful 2023 calendar with a touch of international elegance, will win your hearts and decorate your homes.  

And it is worthy of note that, in 2021 the Covid lockdown collection titled ‘Human’ and 2022 collection titled ‘Kalaignan’ that depicts street artists were well received.

To add, this time ‘The Artist’ collection is on sale. 

We are more than excited to share with you that, the sale proceeds of this calendar will be utilised for the social welfare of the people like education & medical needs through KASA Charitable Trust.

‘The Artist’ will colourfully sparkle, but with a humane touch!!

“The Artist” Calendars are on Sale through “”, “Amazon” online stores and through leading Book Stores.

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