Film Review : Dada

 Kavin - Aparna Das starrer Dada hit screens on feb 10th. The film is directed by debutant Ganesh K Babu and produced by Olympia Movies.

Manikandan ( Kavin) and Sindhu (Aparna Das) are lovers. Their life turns upside down when Sindhu announces an unexpected pregnancy. The parents of both parties are distraught and Mani himself, is not ready to be a father. But when Sindhu goes ahead and has the baby, things take another turn when circumstances now push Manikandan to change his ways. Does Mani become a responsible father?  Does the baby unite the warring couple? 

Ganesh K Babu has deliverd a mature coming of age film with the usually unexplored angle of the role of fathers in taking care of their kids. The film, with just the right mix of emotions, situational humor, exploration of family relationships, and some powerful, nuanced and subtle but highly effective performances of the leads and the supporting cast, succeeds big time in keeping you glued by hitting the right chords in the viewer.

Hero Kavin anchors the movie with a mature performance which is  high on subtlety. He carries the film effortlessly on his shoulders, taking the viewer through the various transformation in the different stages in his life. His body language and makeover in each phase is another big plus. Be it scenes with Sindhu, son Aditya ( Baby Nalan and  later Ilan), his dad (Bhagyaraj) his emotional exchanges, laced with matter-of-factness and yet tender in expression are wonderful to watch. The way he emotes in the crucial orphanage scene is highly impactful. The subtle humor  in the office scenes are another  highlight of his performance.

The beautiful and talented Aparna Das as Sindhu has done a neat job, with  the climax scene being particularly noteworthy. 

Together the duo make for a good screen pair and bring gravitas and credibility to their roles.

As much as the film moves you emotionally, it is also high on situational humor which is a big plus. There is an air of positivity in the way the characters handle situations all through that lifts the film further. 

The presence of VTV Ganesh adds to the comic flavour and he has a significant place in the story as well. 

The music, editing, camera and artwork departments have done a good job of making the film a  rich experience.

The way Ganesh K Babu has avoided melodrama, crass dialogues blaming either gender, over the top comedy, preachy lines and lengthy monologues, make the film a refreshing watch.

On the flip side, some situations are solved seemingly too easily and the child rearing scenes between dad and son are breezed over a tad speedily. The lecherous boss character is a bit over the top in his performace and strikes an odd note in the otherwise subtle performances of the cast.

For Kavin, Dada brings showcases his real potential as a performer and the movie seems like a sureshot winner for him and the whole team.

With its solid performances, crisp yet effective dialogues, and message on relationships and parenthood,  Dada is a  must watch, breezy, memorable slice of life film.

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