Film Review : The Great Indian Kitchen

 The Great Indian Kitchen Tamil remake of the original is directed by R Kannan and hit theatres on feb 3rd.

Aishwarya Rajesh plays a newly wed homemaker settling into her husband's (Rahul Ravindranath) home.  When her mother- in- law leaves town on a long trip, soon she discovers that her  husband and father -in-law seem to be displaying chauvinistic tendencies, which bind her firmly to the kitchen,  cooking a variety of meals to suit their tastes, with little regard for her as an individual.  Instances keep piling up till one day the dam of her patience bursts. Does the marriage survive?

Aishwarya Rajesh gets into the skin of the new, docile, hardworking wife, aiming to please till matters come to a head. Every nuance of her emotions is intricately portrayed. Rahul on the other hand seems miscast,  restricted with his expressions, body language and voice modulation and doesnt do justice to the role as much as  Suraj in the original.

The film seeks to bring out how patriarchy and certain beliefs try to keep women from rising to their fullest potential, even if they can balance home and work life.

The film is shorter than the Malayalam  original but brings out in sufficient detail how mundane the heroine's life becomes looking after the pampered members of the papriarchal household she married into. 

There are changes from the original which somwhow make the film a tad underwhelming. But R.Kannan has managed to get his message across despite few lags.

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