Film Review : Thalaikoothal

 Director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan's Ynot Studios' production Thalaikoothal starring Samuthirakani, Kathir and Vasundhara Kashyap hits theatres on Feb 3rd.

Samuthirakani plays a middle aged man whose comatose father needs a lot of caregiving which puts a strain on his finances and ultimately ruptures his family life with his wife,  played by Vasundhara. The age old practice of euthanasia is rampant in the area, for old folks who are cannot be healed, but  the father-son bond is so strong that the loving son refuses to resort to it. What happens when his wife decides to leave him?

The film is realistically shot and the actors have played their parts so well,  that the happenings, draw you in completely.

The family equations between dad and son, dad and daughter , husband and wife and even the in-laws, are brought out with care and conviction, giving you a peek into their lives. 

The backstory of a youthful romance of the old man ( played by Kathir) is presented with some great visuals and old world charm. 

The camerawork and music are add to the appeal of the film. 

The conflict within the family as well as the inner conflict of the old man and each of the characters, is well brought out in great detail.

This extensive detailing however, leads to a repetitive feeling in a few places and gives a notion of the film being too lengthy.  The exact need for the love story is not very clear. The non-linear narration takes getting used to. 

Thalaikoothal is a good attempt to take the present generation into life in the rural heartland and the dynamics pf family relationships that need to be  nurtured through thick and thin. It also raises questions about age old practices which maybe sound  practical to some and unacceptable to others.  The different points of view are well brought out.

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