Film Review: Ayothi

 Ayothi starring M Sasikumar, Pugazh, Preethi and Anju Asrani, hit theatres on March 3rd. It is directed by debutant Manthira Moorthy.

A family from Ayodhya comes to Rameswaram for a pilgrimage. But due to the father's boorish behaviour, a fight ensues with the taxi driver which ends up in an accident in which the mother ( Anju Asrani) dies. Her timid daughter ( Preethi Asrani) and son are completely at sea about how to deal with the situations that crop up, since they don't know the local language and have no help.  The father is only dominating them and refusing to let a post mortem be done. 

In the midst of this comes in a stranger (Sasikumar) who doesn't know Hindi but forms an emotional connect to the children's suffering and decides to help them take the dead body back to Ayodhya the same day by flight. What are all the obstacles they face with no funds nor contacts to help complete the impossible task? Does he succeed?

The film highlights how compassion and humanity are the most significant factors in life,  where strangers can help each other out, to make the world a better place, with no thought of any rewards 

The film is full of emotional high points that will make you cry as well as inspire you to go that extra mile in life. 

Sasikumar is perfectly cast as the do gooder while Pugazh lends the humorous touch from time to time.  Preethi Asrani leaves a lasting impression with her performance, in the several emotional high points in the film. From fear to desperation she plays it all with aplomb. Anju Asrani as her mother too is well cast and brings out the emotional bond with her kids very well. Yashpal Sarma as the dominating, abusive father does and excellent job of it.

The camerawork is excellent,  be capturing Ayodhya or interior TN. The music elevates the film further. A solid supporting cast further offers good support. 

However a,tad too much of melodrama and few illogical scenes hamper the film. The Father is shown to be very cruel with no intelligence of any sort and of no help to his family. 

Overall,  an emotional journey that highlights compassion and the significance of good karma without thought of  reward.



Sasi Kumar - (Abdul Malik)

Yashpal sharma - (Balram)

Preethi Asrani - (Shivani)

Pugazh - (Pandi)

Anju Asrani - (Janaki)

Advaith (Child) - (Sonu)


Director: R.Manthira Moorthy

Producer: R.Ravindran

Banner: Trident Arts

DOP: Madheshmanickam

Music: N.R Ragunanthan

Editor: San Lokesh

Art director: G.Durai Raj 

Stunt: Dinesh Subbarayan 

Choreography: Sherif

Costume designer: Keerthi Vasan

Audiography: Ghatam Siva

VFX: Mahi 

PRO: Nikil

Executive Producer: Linda Alexander

Publicity designer: Thandora 

Music label - Sareegama

Production Coordinator: S.Jayaraman 

Production controller: T. Selvaraj

Production Executive: S.N. Asraf 

Production Manager: D. Baskar 

Creative - Marketing: J. Hariharan 

Subtitles: Rekhs

Colourist: K.Arun Sangameshwar

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