Film Review : Irumban

 Irumban starring Junior MGR, Aishwarya Dutta, Yogi Babu and others, is,directed by Keera.

Office ( Jr Mgr) is part of a tribe of nari kuruvars and lives happily with his buddies. One day he meets a north Indian Jain girl (Aishwarya Dutta) and falls in love.

But there is a problem. The girl is going to become a monk. Office and his buddies then take her away on a boat to try and stop her from making this decision.  But when the  gets stuck mid sea, all of them are in deep trouble, battling for life.  What happens to them all? Does love succeed? What is the uncle's plot behind the girl becoming a monk?

The setting of the story is well portrayed showcasing the lifestyle of the people. 

The actors have done justice to their roles. Jr Mgr plays the part of the burly boy innocent looking hero, well. Aishwarya Dutta fits the bill for her role with her accented diction. Yogi Babu is in a slightly different avatar than usual.  

Srikanth Deva's musuc is peppy as usual with song remix of a retro track on keeping with the theme of the film. 

The movie is colorful and has an interesting storyline, involving characters from different backgrounds.

The island and life there has been  captured beautifully by the camera team

On the flip side a tad too much time is spent on the various activities of the friends, and only later the plot is speedily handled in the second half. A bit more crisp storytelling would have made for a better viewing experience.

Cast & Crew : 

Junior mgr, Yogibabu, Aishwarya dutta,Shaji Choudhary Sendrayan, Raksitha, Aswini, Manimaran, Sampathram, Kayal Devaraj
Music : Srikanth Deva
Singers : Anthony Daasan & Srinisha Jayaseelan
Senthil & Rajalakshmi
Actor Jai
Kalaimaamani Deva
G.V.Prakash Kumar & Saindhavi
Choreography : Sivasankar & Robert Master
Lyricists : Saavee, Keera & Manusri
Written & Direction – Keera
Cinematography : Lenin Balaji
Editing : S.P.Ahamed
Art : Rahul
Pro : Aim Sathish
Line Production : T.N.Gokulnath
Creative Production : Cherai S Raju
Production : Lemuria Movies
Producers : Tamil Bala & R.Vinothkumar

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