Film Review: Parundhaagathu Oor Kuruvi

 The film hits screeens on March 24th, starring Nishanth Russo, Vivek Prasanna, Gayathiri Iyer and others,  directed by Dhanabalan Govindraj.

The story is around the concept of survival of the fittest. Vivek Prasanna plays Maran, a happily married spouse to an actor Yamini 

 (Good debut by Gayathiri Iyer). But amongst rumors about a flesh trade racket, the actor her husband to a forest estate for safety from being hounded by media.

But as, luck would have it things take a turn when he is actually attacked by goons, saved by a local Adhi ( Nishanth Russo) gets trapped  by a corrupt police force and discovers, who actually wants him dead.  Does he survive?

The action picks, up in the second half with the first half serving to establish three background of the characters, with a bit of humor added in places. 

The actors, Nishanth, Vivek and Gayathiri have all played their parts to perfection, which helps in keeping the viewers engaged. 

The tension is palpable in the chase scenes and the combats and fisticuffs have a natural feel to them. 

The hilly areas and forests offer a visual delight as well. The setting of the story in the vast estate adds a novel feel to the screenplay.

There are no frills nor deviations like songs, though a romance between Vivek and Gayathiri as a couple is briefly shown. 

The suspense is kept up quite well in the thriller which lives up to its title in content.

On the flip side a few stunts seem a tad amateurish, while the humor too doesnt hold water.  The dialogues could have been better handled. Though the concept is intriguing, one does get the feeling that  the climax could have been better explained to give a closure.

Overall, an intriguing, engaging suspense thriller with some sincere performances.

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