Film Review : Rudhran

The Raghava Lawrence starrer, Rudhran hit theatres on March 14.

Directed by Kathiresan, the hi octance action drama, is about an I T professional Rudhran (Raghava Lawrence) who turns vigilante killer, seeking revenge against those who killed his mother ( Poornima Bhagyaraj) and his wife ( Priya Bhavani Shankar) and tier unborn child. His search leads him to the dreaded Bhoomi ( Sarath Kumar) who will go to any lengths to target aged parents whose kids have settled abroad. 

But its by no means an easy journey for Rudhran, to find out who the hidden enemy is. Will he succeed against the odds stacked up against him?

The film is large doses of hi -octane stunts from beginning to end and Lawrence does a superb job, lending total credibility to every stunt with his expressions and agile and powerful body language. Be it the family scenes, with his parents or the romance parts as will,  Lawrence aces it all convincingly. The chemistry with Priya too, is cute. Priya does well as the loving wife, mom and daughter-in-law.

Poornima Bhagyaraj and Nasser are well cast as the affectionate parents.  There are a plethora of villains, with Sarath Kumar leading the pack, giving a sincere and credibile performance as the greedy and vile villain. He is particularly effective in the flashback portions, while in the present day version in the film too be looks suave yet dangerous.

Redin Kingsley brings good comic relief while Kaali Venkat gets an emotional angle to play as well.

Though the action scenes get graphic and gory in many places and the plethora of villains the hero keeps bashing can be tiring to watch after a while, the storyline and fast paced screenplay keeps one rivetted. The clumax fight with the villain,  though too brightly lit on screen,  is one to watch out for. However, the bgm is  too loud in places and the songs seem more out of a 90's film visually. 

But Lawrence's message at the end is a significant one. 

Overall, a rivetting hi octane, over the top action and revenge drama for fans of the genre.


Raghava Lawrence - Rudhra

Sarath Kumar - Bhoomi

Priya Bhavani Shankar - Ananya 

Poornima Bhagyaraj - Indira


Directed & Produced by Kathiresan 

Banner: Five Star Creations LLP

Music: GV Prakash Kumar 

Background Score: SAM CS

Director of Photography: RD Rajasekar ISC 

Story Screenplay: KP Thirumaaran

Editor: Anthony 

Action Director: Stun Siva 

Art Director: Raju. P 

Lyricist: Kabilan, Madurakavi, Gnanakaravel, Karunakaran, Kannadasan

Choreography: Shridhar & Baba Bhaskar

PRO: Nikil Murukan

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