Film Review: Custody

 Custody, Naga Chaitanya's Tamil debut ( also released in Telugu) directed by Venkat Prabhu, hit screens on May 12th.

A constable Shiva (Naga Chaitanya) is in love with Revathi ( Krithi Shetty), in his village. But her parents want her to wed a rich man ( Premgi). As the duo tackle this problem, Shiva lands up in another one. Due to a series of circumstances, he ends up protecting a hired killer Razoo ( Arvind Swami) and vows to take him to the CBI led, Court hearing in Bengaluru, which is crucial to get him punished. But this is no easy task as the state machinery is now on his heels, to stop him, putting the lives of his family in danger as well. What is the reason? Who is really behind this ? What is Shiva's secret driving motive behind this act?

The positives of the film include an interesting knot. The action scenes are gripping in several places like inside a dam and in a police station for instance. The face off action scenes between Arvind Swamy and Sarath Kumar are rivetting. The presence of Priyamani, Ramki, YG Mahendran and Jiiva add a spark, though they seem under utilised with minimum space. The train scenes and climax portions are also interesting as is an underwater sequence.
The period setting of the 90's is well created and all the supporting cast do a good job.

Naga Chaitanya plays his part with sincerity, be it action, romance or sentiment. He shines more in the flashback portions with Jiiva, where he seems more light-hearted and free. The dubbing synch especially in songs could have been paid attention to. His portions with Arvind Swamy make for interesting viewing.
Krithi Shetty has ample screen space and fits the 90's girl part well. But the their constant banter about their problems brings get repetitive after a while. However, in later scenes when they share their burden of the past, their screen bonding comes through well. The comfort level of the actors shows in their performances.

Premgi gets to add some humor but the viewer will feel let down if expecting a typical Venkat Prabhu kind of entertainer. The screenplay seems to slow down in few places like songs, lengthy family scenes and the like and a Telugu feel of the movie seems to creep in several places. 

Custody has an interesting premise and some solid action, chase and suspense blocks, with good actors and neat performances, emotions and twists. But, a tighter narrative could have added a crisper feel  in this action - drama family entertainer.

Rating 3.25/ 5


Pawan Kumar presents 


AVenkat Prabhu Hunt 

Cast and Crew 

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni- Shiva 

Krithi shey 


Arvind Samy-Raju 

Sarath Kumar-Natrajan  

Priyamani- Dhatchayini 

Ramki -Agent Philip 

Premgi Amaren-Prem 

Vennela Kishore -Prem  

Sampath -George 

Jeyaprakash -Varghese 

Raviprakash- Rengappa 

Premi vishwanath-Mangalam 

Sai Srinivas 


GopuRaju Ramana- 


Kadambari Kiran -Pandu 

Niharika Dhurga 


Written -Direction 

Venkat Prabhu 


Srinivasaa chitturi 

Pawan Kumar 


SR Kathir 


Venkat Raajen 


'Maestro' layaraaja 

'Litle Maestro' Yuvan Shankar Raja 

Production Designer 


Art Director 

DY Satya Narayana 


Stun Siva(climax) 

Mahesh Matthew 







Gangai Amaren 

Madhan Karky 



Shri Shivani VP 

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