Film Review : Virupaksha

 The Sai Dharam Tej , Samyuktha starrer Virupaksha, which marks the entry of the hero in Kollywood, directed by Karthik Varma Dandu and screenplay by Sukumar, hits screens on May 5 in Tamil after the Telugu release earlier. The film is being released in other languages including Hindi as well. 

The story of this mystical thriller is set in a small village. Surya ( Sai Dharam Tej) visits the village with his family and falls in love with Nandini ( Samyuktha). But she doesnt reciprocate his love and he leaves, disappointed. But as luck would have it, a series of mystical events and deaths lead him back to the village. 

What is the  secret the village holds? What is causing these events and how is Nandini linked to all of this? Can Surya save his lady love and the village  in the midst of all this chaos?

The film works thanks to several reasons. The performances of the lead pair, Sai Dharam Tej and Samyuktha are on point. They  share a good chemistry and keep you hooked till the end.  For Sai Dharam Tej, its a solid entry in Tamil, and the actor does a superb job of a meaty role that has action, romance and sentiment. He exudes a quiet strength and conveys subtle emotions adeptly, with a measured performance. 

Samyuktha has a meaty role as well and does full justice to it.  She plays the bold and beautiful Nandini, superbly conveying the nuances and depth of her character.

The large ensemble cast is well chosen and every actor contributes to make the proceedings believable.

The romantic song is well shot and is a hummable track. The bgm elevates the film and the sound design is another highlight which contributes to the mood of the film.  The camera and art direction departments also deserve special kudos.

The screenplay is racy  but with ample space to let the mood, emotions and events sink in.

The movie doesnt overdo any aspect and nor does it attempt to distract with comedy tracks and the like. 

Virupakasha makes for a good watch for lovers of the genre, with its good production values, solid casting and performances, good screenplay and engaging storyline with enpugh twists right till the end. 

Rating 3.75/5

Sri Venkateswara Cine Creations and Sukumar Writings ,

Studio Green-K.E Gnanavel Raja Tamil release 

Produced by B.V.S.N Prasad & Sukumar writings 

Cast and Crew 

Sai Dharam Tej as Surya 

Samyuktha Menon as Nandini 

Sunil as Abbai Raju 

Rajeev Kanakala as Harishchandra Prasad; sarpanch of Rudravanam 

Brahmaji as RMP Doctor 

Ravi Krishna as Kumar/Bhairava 

Abhinav Gomatam 

Kamal Kamaraju as Venkata Chalapathy 

Sai Chand as Poojari 

Ajay as Aghora 


Directed by Karthik Varma Dandu 

Screenplay by Sukumar 

Editor- Navin Nooli 

Music-B.Ajaneesh Loknath 

Cinematography-Shamdat Sainudeen 

Tamil Dialogues - N Prabhakar 

Production - Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra & Sukumar Writings 

Producers - B.V.S.N Prasad & Sukumar 

Release K.E Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green 

PRO Yuvraaj 

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