Film Review : Thuritham

 Thuritham starring Sandaiyar fame Jegan, Eden and Bala Saravanan amongst others, is directed by Srinivasan.

The film is, largely an interesting road journey. Jegan plays a call taxi driver who falls in love with an IT professional who is his passenger, played by Eden.

But she doesn't reciprocate his love and due to a strict father in the village, she has to return him and marry a groom arranged by him later. 

But due to a, series of unforseen circumstances, she has to take the help of Jegan and travel on his motobike, to get dropped off in her hometown. 

A series of misadventures await the duo en route. What happens to them? Do they unite? Does the strict father find out about his daughter's undisclosed plan of the impromptu road trip? 

The film is a collage of interesting snippets of life in cities and small towns, aspirations of people, the notions of 'love' and ' enjoyment' they harbour, the harsh realities faced by people caught up in  social structures, the selfishness of society, and the like. 

The director attempts to touch on various topics, leaving the viewer to arrive at his own conclusions. 

The leads have done their parts well and the humor quotient added Bala Saravanan's presence keeps things light. 

The songs could have been better,  and are jarring at times while the camerawork on the road trip, is well handled. 

There are twists, suspense and a bevy of emotions, to keep the viewer engaged.

On the flip side, the film is slow to take off and some scenes seem frivolous.

Overall, a road story with an interesting premise.

    Advt.                     Veeran From June 2nd

Thuritham Movie Details for Review

Sandiyar Jegan - Marimuthu
Eden - Vaanathi
Balasaravanan - Karikalan
A Venkatesh - Heroin Father
Poo Ramu- Master
Heroin Friends - Vaishali, Srinikila, Aiswarya,

Director - Srinivasan
Editor - Nagooran & Saravanan
Camera -  Vaasan & Anbu dennis
Song composed - Isai Amuthan (new)
Background music - Naresh (new)
Fight - mani
Producer - Thiruvarul Jeganathan

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