Movie Review: Infinity

 The Nataraj Subramanian aka Natty, Vidya Pradeep, Jeeva Ravi, Muniskanth starrer Infinity, directed by Sai Karthik, hits theatres on July 7th.

When a series of killings take place,  from a young girl, to a writer and even a cop, a CBI officer  ( Natty) is called to unravel the case.

His investigation takes him in circles and the plot gets thicker with not much hope of a solution. A mysterious caller adds to the suspense. 

But as things get worse, a ray of hope emerges. Who is the killer and what was their  motive? Does justice prevail? Or is there more than what meets the eye? ( The film ends with a promise of a sequel..)

Natty plays the officer in his usual confident style, with energy and panache. He brings the much needed dynamism to an otherwise rambling screenplay that takes a long route to get to the truth.

Muniskanth as a,cop actually seems to be there for comic relief mostly. Vidya Pradeep in a brief but important role does  full justice. The other characters come and go doing what is necessary for the story to move forward.

The camerawork could have been better handled as also the dialogues. There are plenty of road scenes of Natty driving around,  with the story moving at a snails pace. Better locations could have added to the film as several sets feel cramped.

There is a lot of gory violence, including with kids which is difficult to watch.  

However, despite it all the suspense is kept up till the end, with the promise of a sequel which seeks to justify the title. 

The crisp duration of 112 minutes is a plus point. There are no distractions, like a forced romantic track.

The film tries to highlight crimes against children but the manner it does so could have been better handled to make it more credible and  gripping.

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