Movie Review: Love

 Direcrtor RP Bala's thriller, Love, starring Bharath, Vani Bhojan, Swayam Siddha, Daniel Pope and Vivek Prasanna hits cinema halls on July 28th. The film is based on the malayalam film of the same name when some changes. 

Bharath and Vani Bhojan have a love marriage against her dad's ( Radha Ravi) wishes since he is not settled in life.

Years later trouble brews in the marriage and the duo end up fighting hard,  even leading to violence, leading to his wife's death.

But thereby hangs a tale. Is she really dead? Who actually killed whom and why?

Bharath and Vani do a superb job at playing their roles. The fight scenes are so realistically filmed, one can feel the anger and frustration of the duo. For Vani it's a, very different role and she pulls it off superbly. Her styling and hair also make for good visuals. Bharath as the irate husband combatting anger issues leaves a mark. 

However the scenes with vivek prasanna (too many close ups) and Daniel Pope, with lengthy diaogues and the narration moving at a snails pace, are a dampener. Certain dialogues seem repetitive as well. 

 But there are traces of humor too, in scenes between daniel and girl friend Swayam Siddha, more like a mirror to society and how  loose morals have almost become the norm, with trust and dialogue being absent between couples.

Visually the film, though mostly limited to an appartment, doesn't let that factor  lead to boredom.

The movie picks up in the second half when several twists are revealed. 

Without giving away spoilers, suffice it to say that the film gives out a message about anger issues, mental health issues, adjustment in marriages and the importance of trust, understanding and dialogue for a happy marriage.  

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