Movie Review: Sathiya Sothanai

 The Suresh Sangaiah directorial, Sathiya Sothanai, starring Premgi Amaren and Swayamsiddha, hits theatres on July 21st.

Pradeep ( Premgi) is a village wastrel who is about to get married to his lady love (Swayamsiddha). But as luck would have it,  he discovers a corpse in the wilderness one day and takes the phone, a gold chain and  watch of the murdered victim to the local police station in Aruppukottai village.

For his honesty he gets an unjust reward. The cops, who find out that the dead man had loads of gold jewellery on him,  which is now missing,  suspect Pradeep of stealing it. They all want a cut in the booty and fail to investigate anyone else,  including the 4 murderers.

When the case lands in court, what happens? Does Pradeep get justice? 

The film is a comical statire which showcases how truth takes a back seat when corruption and human greed take over. 

The actors have done a good job as the cops who have no taste for real investigations and let their personal greed get in the way of their professional life. The situations are a telling reveal of real life situations where the powerful and wily get away while innocents, have to struggle to prove their innocence.

Premgi fits the rural simpleton role well and does justice to his role, sans his usual body language and in a makeover avatar, which adds to the credibility of his role.

The visuals and music offer good support to the story which moves at a steady pace, keeping the laughs coming.

A good light hearted satirical drama.

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