Sathyaraj a Superhuman,Vasanth Ravi You Tuber in Weapon, Tamil cinema's first film with an AI generated portion!

 Sawari director Guhan Senniappan's next movie is titled Weapon,  with Sathyaraj and Vasanth Ravi in the lead.  The film is touted to have a flashback portion which the first to be AI generated in Tamil cinema.

The shoot took place in Vagamon but the world created  is a fictional one reveals  director Seniappan, in a media interaction. Sathyaraj plays the titular role of  Weapon and is a human weapon, in fact a a super human. What is his backstory is essentially what the film is about. The story delves more into internal conflict of the character.

Sathyaraj plays Mithran, who  works in an elephant sanctuary for orphans elephants. Vasanth Ravi plays a Agni, a You Tuber who searches for  real life superhumans in the film. 

Rajiv Menon plays a villain. Tanya Hope plays the female lead. "Rajiv sir agreed because he felt such movies should come in cinema

Director Guhan with producer MZ Manzoor

"After completing my webseries Vella Raja I wanted to create a multi- universe much like Marvel and DC in Hollywood. I took around 4 years to do this, to build this world. But you need a good producer and actors for this," says the director about the parallel universe franchise he wants to create.

Talking about connect with the audience he says, "Blending the characters with our audience expectations was the challenge. But in film like  Minnal Murali,  about a local superhero,  that connect was achieved. So I am hopeful about our film too."

The beginning portions of the film are done using AI. "Ambience, characters and background were created. AI saves time and changes can be done in seconds. So that is the advantage."

Wont usage of  AI replace creators  in  Kollywood ? "Yes it can affect creators and employment, I am aware of and afraid of that. But we did it to save time." The film has about 2.5 minutes of AI.

" We are treating it like a trilogy. It's a sci fi action thriller with  4 major fight sequences. We are in final stages of post production and are looking at a September release," signs off the director.

 The film is produced by MZ Manzoor with music by Ghibran and camerawork by Prabu Raghav.

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