Following the success spree of the first three installments of 'Pizza', producer C.V. Kumar makes a splashing announcement on 'Pizza-4'


After the hat-trick success of the first three installments of the 'Pizza' franchise, which has set a new trend for horror films in Tamil film industry, its fourth part 'Pizza 4' is set to commence soon, according to producer C.V. Kumar.

C.V. Kumar through his Thirukumaran Entertainment, home to quality movies and promising talents, bankrolled 'Pizza', followed by 'Pizza 2 Villa' and 'Pizza 3: The Mummy'.

Directed by Mohan Govind and starring Ashwin Kakumanu, the recently released 'Pizza 3: The Mummy' has been a huge hit across the world. Backed by the unanimous appreciation of the media and fans, the screen count of the movie has been increased. 

Following this, producer C.V. Kumar has said that the fourth part of the 'Pizza' film franchise will be launched soon.

Talking about this, he said, "The success of three parts of 'Pizza' continues to inspire us thanks to the love of fans' and their vow to support quality content. So to fulfil their expectations, the fourth installment of 'Pizza' will start soon. An announcement on the director, cast and technical team will be made soon."

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