Movie Review: RANGOLI

 Gopuram Studios



Hero -Hamaresh - Sathya

Appa - Aadukalam murugadoss - Uthamar Gandhi

Amma - SaiShri Prabhakaran - Kaliamma 

Akka - Akshaya - Vembu Lakshmi 

Heroine - Prarthana Sandeep - Parvathy 

Amit bhargav - Ravanan sir 

Produced by G Sathish Kumar & K Babu Reddy 

Director & writer - Vaali mohan das


DOP - I Maruthanayagam

Editor - R sathyanarayanan

Art director - Ananth Mani

Rangoli is a film dealing with the system of education. What is the right way to educate your kids? Do you need to take the option  thinking of good for them as parents,  or let your child study in an environment he is comfortable in?

The parents of Sathya ( debutant Hamaresh, nephew of director Vijay), are trying to make ends meet, stuck between loans and debts. His father ( Murgadoss) is a washermam but he has big ambitions for his son. So when Sathya gets into fights, he takes him out of the Government school, borrows money, and admits him into a posh private school.

But there,  Sathya doesnt have it so good. The kids in his class rag him and pick up fights.  He has a crush on a classmate, Parvathy, which makes another boy ( Rahul) jealous, leading to more  fights.  Moreover, Sathya finds his marks plummeting as he cant cope with the English medium education.

When matters reach a head, and Sathya finds out how hard his parents are working to pay his school fees, he comes to a decision. What happens next?

The storyline is an interesting one by debut director Vaali. The struggle of Sathya, the school scenes, his family life,  are all shown with a realistic touch.  

For newbie Hamaresh, it's a solid debut. His expressive eyes and body language, his dialogue delivery and ability to convey a variety of emotions, are commendable and add to the film. 

The other actors too are well cast and offer good support to the story.  Amit Bhargav does a good job as the Tamil teacher.

The visuals are good and the bgm and songs add to the film,  setting the right mood. 

On the flip side,  there are a few confusing  scenes where one needs patience to see where the story is headed.  Some of the constant fights seem repetitive. The way the teachers teach without instilling any manners nor discipline in the posh school seems strange. There seems to lot of violence amongst the children in both types of schools on the screen. 

The film does seem to set off a debate of sorts on which education is best for one's kids.. according to one's pocket or one that is aspirational. Releasing on Sep 1st in theatres.

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