Movie Review : Kick

 stars: Santhanam, Tanya hope

Thambi Ramaiah, Senthil,

Brahmanandam, Kovai Sarala

Mansoor Ali Khan, YGMahendran

Ragini Dwivedi, Muthukalai, Sadhu

Kokila, Shakila, Vaiyapuri and others.

Music: Arjun janya

DOP: Sudhakar

Produced By: Naveen Raj

Directed By: Prashant Raj

Kick is a comedy  where hero Sathya (Santhanam ) is an ad executive who makes a lot of money by creatively making quirky ads in his own way. 

One day,  he lands up with a complaint against his methods which starts taking a serious turn. Another admaker ( Tanya Hope) is out to expose him to the ad council. 

Does  Sathya  escape from the lurking danger? Who helps him? What happens when the leads come face to face?

Kick has a large ensemble cast  who add to the comedy on screen and there is never a dull moment till the end. 

Santhanam romances two heroines and can be seen in a snazzy avatar putting on his dancing shoes. Tanya Hope has done a good job, looking classy and performing well. Ragini Dwivedu leaves a mark with her brief presence.

The making seems lavish and the songs are peppy. The visuals are grand.

But it's surprising to see so many double meaning dialogues and adult humor sprinkled generously all through, not palatable fare for kids and family audiences in that sense. 

The actors get shrill and loud and the comedy gets farcical and slapstick in many places.

Overbearing and loud, one can perhaps watch it for  Santhanam's trademark wit and humor.

In theatres from Sep 1st.

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