Movie Review: Japan

 Dream Warriors Pictures', Raju Mutugan directorial, Karthi, Anu Emmanuel starrer Japan hit screens on November 10th.

The story revolves around Japan ( Karthi) who plays a mastermind thief  who robs jewellery stores, but who the police of several states are unable to catch, due to his connections and slick modus operandi. 

One time,  a giant  heist in a  big jewellery store involving the money of politicos and big wigs, puts the police hot on the trail of Japan, intending to finish him off this time. 

But has Japan really pulled off this huge theft this time? Do the police succeed in apprehending him? 

The film starts off an in the manner of a thriller but after the initial few minutes, it's difficult to tell where exactly the story is going.  Raju Murugan's meandering screenplay makes you wonder,  and not really come to any conclusion till the end since the comedy doesnt click most of the time and the thriller elements though promising at the start, peter off with little suspense as the screenplay drags with lengthy dialogues and repeated action scenes and chases that don't create much of an impact.

The peculiar outfits of Karthi, the single handed operating style, the strange tone of voice  attributed to him,  the old rickety van in which he freely travels which  yet magically eludes the cops in a long  chase, to name a few, act as dampeners. Anu Emmanuel has nothing much to do though she does bring glamour to the brief appearances she makes. 

The supporting characters, like Sunil and Vijay Milton however, do a good job but the weak writing doesnt support them.  

The mother sentiment added in the end,  works to some extent while the portions involving the life of the people scrounging sewer lines for gold are moving.

In some places the satirical touch of the director can be spotted in a couple of dialogues, alluding to the socio-political scenario.

Though Karthi has tried to experiment with a different role than the usual, as a much hyped Karthi 25 film, more work on story, narration besides several other aspects, could have added value to the final product.

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