Movie Review: Kida

KIDA is a heartwarming story of a grandfather Chellaiyya ( Poo Ram) who along with his wife,  is raising his young grand son Kathir (master Deepan). With Diwali nearing, Chellaiyya, is still unable to gather money to buy Kathir new clothes which he deeply desires. Not wanting to disappoint him,  Chellaiya,has no other option to sell the only thing Kathir holds very dear,  the Kida aka a goat in the family,raised by him since childhood. 

In another part of the village, Vellaisamy (Kaali Venkat),a butcher, is desparately looking for a goat, to set up a new shop. 

But his efforts,fail due to an enmity with his former boss' son.

By chance, Vellaisamy manages to find Chellaya and the two strike a deal about the the goat, much to the chagrin of Kathir.

But just when the grand father is happy that his he can now buy new clothes for Kathir, the goat gets stolen!
What happens next? Do the dreams of all these people get shattered or fulfiled?

Kida is a most heartwarming tale,narrated in a both a touching and entertaining manner , which keeps you hooked right till the very end. 
There are times when things seem a tad slow in the first half, but the the second half speeds things up,  with a roller coaster ride filled with chases, poignant moments, suspense, emotions and humor.
Kudos to the director and the entire team for the quirky subject and the quaint treatment of the story, which takes you into the simple lives of the folk and highlights their simple pleasures and woes, giving you a gentle peek into their lives. 

The superb cast is the biggest highlight.  Poo Ram and Kaali Venkat are a delight to watch. They way they take us through each emotion is superb. Master Deepan is another superb find.  Every supporting actor has done a tremendous job,  adding to the entertainment value. 
The music and the impactful visuals transport you right into the lives of the village folk. 

Kida, is a both a moving and entertaining delightful slice of life film that is well worth a watch for the entire family. 

Rating 4/5

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