Movie Review: Naadu


Mahima Nambiar,
R. S Sivaji, 
Singam puli, 
Arul doss,
Inba Ravikumar,


Director : M. Saravanan
Music : C. Sathya
Dop :  K. A. Sakthivel
Art. : Lalgudi. N. Ilaiya raja
Editor PK

Naadu is a moving story set in a remote hilly Kolli malai region of TN. The village folk lack a good doctor and many die due to lack of medical care. Though there is a primary health centre in the village, there is no doctor willing to stay for long at the remote mountain top with poor transport and lack of civic amenities they are used to. 

In such a scenario, a young lady doctor  (Mahima Nambiar) arrives with her grandmother, sent by the local district collector ( Aruldoss) who tells the village folk that they should do their best to please her so that she decides to stay back. 

With this in mind, the simple, close -knit folk led by Singampuli and with the help of a young man (Tharshan) do their best to give the adept doctor all facilities.

But even as she slowly likes the place,  they come to know she will not be staying long.
To what extent do they go to keep the doctor in their midst? Does the doctor change her mind? Do the villagers finally get the medical help they need?

Director M Saravanan deserves kudos for an unusual subject and the manner of bringing the script to life,  with realistic performances, humor, pathos and emotions,  to drive home his message. 

Every cast member does a superb job. Mahima plays the city bred doctor who slowly develops empathy for the villagers, to perfection. She conveys, the slow change of heart in a most convincing manner. 
For Tharshan, the role is a tough one,  but the way he transforms himself into character is remarkable.  He seems to have lived the role,  bringing out the angst, innocence and desperation of his character superbly. 
The movie is devoid of any melodrama and  preaching and yet effortlessly drives it's point home. 

The movie draws the viewer in, with not just the story and performsnces but also the breathtaking camerawork and accompanying music. 

Naadu, with its moving story, is another must watch film this week, releasing in theatres on Dec 1st.
Rating 4/5

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